Look to postmodern feminism to define misandry

A woman asked me the other day to define misandry for her. I told her to take a look at postmodern feminism. Dictionary.com has a very clear misandry definition:

misandry is the hatred of men.

angry woman

The following video really sums up the attitude many modern day feminists seem to have towards men – unabated hatred.

In the video a young woman forces herself onto an innocent man and then proceeds to scream at him for touching her. This young feminist goes as far as to falsely accuse the man of sexually assaulting her at the top of her lungs in public.

As if this wasn’t bad enough she then brutally shoves the man face-first off a ledge into concrete – afterwards she’s of course applauded by her fellow feminazi warriors while another human being lay unconscious on the ground.

Feminist makes false sexual assault allegation and then assaults innocent man

Her punishment was $80 in restitution and a year of probation. She could have killed the man. Imagine if a man had thrown a woman off a ledge and knocked her unconscious what kind of outrage that behaviour would spark. men belittled constantly in the media

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net



53 thoughts on “Look to postmodern feminism to define misandry

  1. Finally someones speaking out and calling the double standards for what they are.

    That video is absolutely disgusting! I can’t believe people can act this way.

    Shame on all involved!!

      1. Assuming you are not being facetious, He did nothing to provoke her. He was preaching to a crowd, she forced her way into a spot beside him in a way that ensured that she was rubbing her breasts on his arm (which he was using to try and maintain some personal space between them) when she invoked the threat narrative by accusing him of touching her breasts and then pushed him onto a 50 gallon steel garbage bin.

        In short she sexually assaulted him (by rubbing her breasts on him), and then committed Criminal Negligence by “acting in a way that showed wanton or reckless disregard for the lives or safety of other persons” which by rights carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

  2. This article is nothing more than typical male domineering misogynistic garbage.

    Scared women would take over everything if you didn’t have male patriarchy to protect you???

    1. Did you actually watch the video? That man was clearly not touching that woman when she accused him of touching her breasts. She then proceeded to knock him off the ledge, rendering him unconscious. I don’t see how a social system like patriarchy can protect a man from being attacked by a woman, or how this article in any way supports the idea that males oppress females.

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