Gender inequality in sports: male athletes paid more. (HINT: women’s sports suck)

The women’s Sports Foundation (“WSF”) brings attention to the fact that throughout the entire history of women in sports, professional women’s sports have received far less funding than men’s sports.

The WSF argues that paying men more for the same sport is unfair and discouraging to women and gives women less incentive to pursue professional sports as a career.

They then go on to complain about NBA basketball players being paid more than female basketball players, male golfers making more than female golfers, tennis players and so on.

Why are there no truly famous women in sports?

It’s because women suck at sports. Period. We all know there’s only one real professional sports team that anybody actually cares about – the men’s team. Men just let women have their own sports teams to feel better about themselves. That’s just the truth.

You know that old saying? you throw like a girl!

Well, it’s a saying for a reason. Women just plain suck at sports. If women sucked dick half as well as they suck at sports there would be no more divorces in the great US of A.

Feminists are always fighting for equality right? And here these feminists at the WSF want equal pay for men’s sports and women’s sports… Well true equality would be men and women competing against each other in a single league and the better athletes will come out on top.

Why is it that there are no female chess champions? No great female pool players? Women can’t even beat men at sports that don’t require athletic ability, so why would anyone watch women’s hockey which is basically like a watered down version of men’s hockey with the fights, competitiveness, massive hits, speed, accuracy and intensity all taken out.

Sorry feminists. If you want “gender equality in sports” you’d better shape up, or ship out.



483 thoughts on “Gender inequality in sports: male athletes paid more. (HINT: women’s sports suck)

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